Unique Student Identifier

If you are planning to do a course with RAISE Training in 2015 you must have a USI.

If you don't have a USI, you won't be able to receive recognition for your training. And that would be a pain, for you and for us.

What is a Unique Student Identifier (USI)?

A USI is like an account number, made up of letters and numbers. It will give you direct access to your USI account.

What is a USI Account?

Your USI account will enable access to your training records and results through your computer, tablet or even smart phone, anywhere, anytime.

You will also be able to see and send out your training records when applying for a job or further training.

Why must I have a USI?

From the 1st of January 2015, all Australians undertaking vocational education and training must have a USI.

When you enrol with RAISE Training, your USI is required so that we can ensure that your results are placed into your USI account.

RAISE Training will need to either verify your existing USI or make an application on your behalf.

You only need one (1) USI number and it is yours for life.  

Already have a USI?

Tell us what it is! Share your USI with us:

Tell us your USI

Want to create a USI?

Create your own USI here:

Create your USI

Need Help or Further Info?

The Australian Government provide full details on the USI scheme through the USI portal.


In this section:

  • Fact Sheet

    This fact sheet has been designed for students and gives an outline of the USI and how students can create their own USIs.

  • Create your USI

    The Australian Government provides full details on the USI scheme and access to an easy to use online form.


What happens if I do not have a USI?

Please note that students must have a USI in order to be issued with a Statement of Attainment from RAISE Training.

It is a student's responsibility to provide RAISE Training with the required information relating to a USI.

Occasionally, the information provided by a student is not accepted by the relevant Government Registrar and a Statement of Attainment cannot be issued.

In this case, students will need to either create or verify their USI and provide this information to RAISE Training, within 30 days from receiving notice of an issue, otherwise an administration fee may be applicable.

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